5. install

Within a matter of hours, depending on the scope, your project is installed, and checked with you, the client. We bring you a guarantee of quality workmanship and product. To see photos of previous installations, browse to the top right main menu, and click the Portfolio section of the Gallery page.

1. Order

Our working process starts with your order. First, to begin your project, please place your order by clicking the ORDER button and completing our order form. Or you may find alternate contact points found on our CONTACT page. If you would like to peruse our whole process, click the NEXT button.

2. quote

On our ORDER form you can choose whether you want an online quote or a call out visit. If you know the dimensions of the surface you want to decorate, click Online quote, and enter the dimensions. If you don't know the dimensions, simply request a Call Out, for us to measure and give any further advice in order to quote. We charge a Call Out Fee of R350, to quote, which is refundable on acceptance of our quote price, or we can supply a free quote online.

3. design

Seeing from your ORDER whether you require us to source original artwork, to use supplied artwork from you, or to modify chosen artwork, allows us to quote and to proceed with design, after you approve our quote. We collaborate with designers to produce artwork that is approved by you, the client, before sending it to be printed. The total project is adapted, or retouched, to your wishes, to harmonise with your furnishings, and interior design, and any other considerations included in your brief spec.

4. print

We print on the best high quality material, which is most suitable for durability and quality. We print on materials that adhere to surfaces such as floors, walls, ceilings, glass, and other surfaces. The materials we use include canvas, wallpaper, vinyl, and fabric. We advise you on the best printing materials for your project. To learn more, browse to the top right main menu, and click the Products page.