We print seamless wallpapers on fabric such as linen. Using fabric as wallpaper is a great way to make your walls beautiful and is still temporary and easy to remove. While it does take quite a bit of time to install, the result is always more exciting than just basic paint or wallpaper. Fabric wall coverings are laminated to a backing to enhance dimensional stability and to prevent the adhesive from coming through to the surface. These backings are usually acrylic or paper.


  • PVC-Free (no toxins)
  • High-quality imported wallpaper
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Printed on latex printer producing bright vibrant colours that last for years
  • Printed on 1300 mm strips, overlapping and butt joined
  • Costs less than seamless wallpaper


  • Locally manufactured; FDA approved
  • Seamless up to 3050 mm high and any width
  • Environmentally-friendly (PVC and paper-free, odorless)
  • Fire retardant, water and spill repellent
  • Non-scratch; good for use in high-traffic areas
  • Grey back block-out prevents any colour variation on the wall from striking through


We design and print for a variety of applications including floors. We print floor graphics on vinyl with unnoticeable bar joints and we laminate the vinyl for the guarantee.


Typically, wallpaper is applied to the walls, but hanging wallpaper on the ceiling is growing more and more popular. Extend wallpaper from the walls to the ceiling, use a bold ceiling to contrast neutral walls, or mix and match a patterned ceiling with colorful walls.


Decals on glass windows are a great way to brand for retail stores or corporate offices. Window decals are affixed with adhesive, making them quick and easy to apply and a dream to remove. Frosted glass is one of those timeless décor elements that add a level of prestige and sophistication to any shop or office.


We also print canvasses for artistic interior design. Once printed, the canvas is then stretched onto a wooden frame. While some people use framed borders, frameless borders are a more common option, which are made with a gallery-wrapping technique. Canvas prints will also be more expensive than framed prints. But, they will last a lot longer and will work as a family heirloom with your best prints. Canvas prints also look good in any setting, whereas framed prints can be found in any home.


For highest quality we use fabric for our wallpaper prints. Custom textile printing is also good to be used on your furniture upholstery, curtains, or tables cloths, when wanting to extend a theme throughout a room.


We print vinyl decals for wall and glass of commercial spaces like retail shop windows and offices. We also do vinyl truck trailer signage.